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10/10 “Great Course.” Andrew Crimes, Northwich Town Council, 14th March 2017.

10/10 “Good teacher who explained it well.” Aiden Whitehead, Half Fish HQ, 12th February 2017.

10/10 “Very clear and easy to understand.” Reine Swindlehurst, Blackburn Centurions, 12th February 2017.

10/10 “Enjoyed the course, lots of good information.” Harry Walch, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “I found that the whole course was very interesting and there was a lot that I didn’t know. But it was very interesting and I feel more confident.” Sophie Parry, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “Excellent and indepth.” James Penny, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “Jim was a very funny tutor who made the course enjoyable.” D.Dillan, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “If I wasn’t sure about something, Jim would break it down until I could understand it.” Steven Meldrum, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “Very well ran and instructed course.” D.Gilks, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “Found the course very interesting and found out lots of information.” Rachel Warren, 24th May 2017.

10/10 “A great course, very informative.” Dewi Roberts, 17th May 2017.

10/10 “Great course, definitely considering level 4.” Chris McNaught, Silver Bay Holiday Village, 19th May 2017.

9/10 “Very well detailed, explained easily and clearly.” Joshua Westley, 19th May 2017.

9/10 “Very engaging. Relaxed atmosphere and related well with everyone.” Ashley Fisher, Talacre Beach Holiday Park, 19th May 2017.

8/10 “Very good tutor, he knows what he is talking about, a lovely man.” Emma Birch, 19th May 2017.

10/10 “Clearly explained and I felt happy to ask questions.” Leonie Nicholls, West End Point, 17th May 2017.

10/10 “Excellent course, enjoyed every minute and it made me think all the time.” Ashley Nield, Greenwich Leisure LTD, 12th May 2017.

10/10 “Both tutors were excellent.” Phil Jones, 12th May 2017.

10/10 “Brilliant instructor and course.” Stephen Valentine, Flyde Coast YMCA, 12th May 2017.

10/10 “It was very informal and explained in a simple way.” Sanchia Daniels, YMCA, 10th May 2017.

9/10 “Presenter makes it easy to follow.” Ben Wilkie, Ribby Hall Village, 10th May 2017.

10/10 “Tutor was very good and explained everything clearly.” Fran Bowley, 10th May 2017.

10/10 “A pleasure to spend time with the tutors.” Rob Kershaw, Downs Holdings, 27th April 2017.

10/10 “Great course. I had no previous experience of pool management or ops but acquired a great understanding in just three days. The entire course content was well presented.” Peter Harewood, Ballymore, 27th April 2017.

10/10 “Very friendly and helpful.” Stacey Webster, Gomersal Park Hotel, 27th April 2017.

10/10 “Very good presentation, content, etc.” Phil Shaw, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Very informative, well presented and presenter was very knowledgable.” Colin Gregory, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Helpful and precise, making sure we know the changes.” Michael Johnston, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Brilliant and very informative.” Sean Harkin, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Informative, not too long winded.” Darren Kennedy, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Good and informative. It was very good to refresh on my pool plant knowledge.” Jon Ronzo, 25th April 2017.

9/10 “Very informative and well presented.” Ian Summerfield, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Very good delivery of the information. Interesting content and valuable update.” Leszek Serweta, Active Tameside, 25th April 2017.

10/10 “Very well presented and made easy to understand.” Debbie Storry, Braeburn Primary School, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Excellent presentation. Kept our attention all day, very thorough.” Steve Orr, Ripon Grammar School, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Very knowledgeable and experienced.” Carly Aikinson, Braeburn Primary School, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Andy delivered the course very well and I found it interesting. I picked up a few useful bits on information.” John Wagstaff, Sherburn High School, 30th March 2017.

10/10 “Learnt a lot, thank you.” John Hawson, Ripon Grammar School, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “I struggled to understand as I have never been in a plant room before but Andy was extremely helpful and patient, Thank you!” Kath Burton, 6th March 2017.

10/10 “Very interesting, learnt a lot and made me want to learn more.” Anthony Floweth, Sandcastle Waterpark, 21st March 2017.

10/10 “Had two trainers over the three days, both have been excellent.” Catherine Stead, Sandcastle Waterpark, 21st March 2017.

10/10 “Practical experiments with pool water helped to embed the information provided.” J.Bailey, Sandcastle Waterpark, 21st March 2017.

9/10 “Very well presented by both instructors.” Mike Shadlock, Oasis Health Club, 21st March 2017.

10/10 “Informative and very helpful….and scary!” Karl White, Newfield School Blackburn, 21st March 2017.

10/10 “A lot of information, but clearly and well presented.” Martin Coward, Bury Grammar School, 21st March 2017.

9/10 “Very well explained and presented.” Reece Gilligan, Sandcastle Waterpark, 21st March 2017.

10/10 “Great course and well presented.” Steve Doidge, Sandcastle Waterpark, 21st March 2017.

10/10 “Delivered very clearly and professionally by Andy. He explained all sections throughout the day.” Paul Mainwaring, 21st March 2017.

9/10 “Course was explained really well.” Chris Darby, Thornley Leisure Parks, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Everything was well explained.” Daniel Williams, Thornley Leisure Parks, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Excellent.” Michael Jones, Thornley Leisure, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Brilliant course and the time flew by.” Matt Reynolds, Chemsol, 29th March 2017.

10/10 “Everything explained in depth and said in ways to easily understand. Effort was made to ensure we all understood.” Rich Monday, Bridge Leisure Parks, 24th March 2017.

10/10 “Very clear and concise information given in an easy to understand way.” Rob Lomas, Bridge Leisure Parks, 24th March 2017.

10/10 “Clearly explained and good content.” D. Hollingshead, Bridge Leisure Parks, 24th March 2017.

10/10 “Very useful refresher.” Paul Mansfield, Canon Slade School, 5th January 2017.

10/10 “Very good and thorough.” Tom Schofield, Canon Slade School, 5th January 2017.

10/10 “Very informative course.” Sue Williams, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Excellent, eye opening and informative.” Paul Parry, Wilderness Reserve, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Brilliant Presentation!” Daniel Munson, Wilderness Reserve, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Well explained as usual.” D Durkin, Long Ashes, 31st January 2017.

10/10 “Good to refresh and all very good.” Susan Burton, Long Ashes, 23rd January 2017.

10/10 “Excellent.” Rich Delpino, Long Ashes, 31st January 2017.

9/10 “Excellently planned and well executed.” Chris Jones, 23rd January 2017.

10/10 “Very well presented.” Jason Richards, Buckley Pool, 22nd January 2017.

10/10 “Excellent tutor, made the course clear and easier to understand.” Joshua Marten, Denbigh Leisure Centre, 22nd January 2017.

10/10 “Course was well delivered and considering how much theory is involved it was made interesting and relevant.” Jennifer Roberts, Ruthin Leisure Centre, 22nd January 2017.

9/10 “Very well presented, Andy made it easy to understand.” Joe Davies, Corwen Leisure Centre, 22nd January 2017.

10/10 “The course tutor related to his personal experiences as a manager, very good.” Jake Jones, Denbigh Leisure Centre, 22nd January 2017.

10/10 “Very good training session.” Lee Holmes, SPIE, 18th April 2017

10/10 “Andy made the course interesting, would recommend.” Ryan Tait, Chase Leisure Centre, 14th April 2017.

10/10 “Jim as always was outstanding.” Martyn Chambers, Queens Lower School, Chester, 21st April 2017.

10/10 “Enjoyed the refresher, look forward to the next one.” David Collins, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, 21st April 2017.

10/10 ” Very good clear advice and instructions.” Elaine Gibson, Everybody Sport & Recreation, 21st April 2017.

10/10 “Good course refresher and very informative.” Paul Cartwright, Everybody Sport & Recreation, 21st April 2017.

10/10 “As always Jim was very knowledgable and answered all questions.” Sarah Hamlett, Everybody Sport & Recreation, 21st April 2017.

10/10 “Very clear delivery of course and very helpful.” Val Webster, 21st April 2017.

10/10 “As always clear and interesting.” Irvine Hornby, Newton School, 21st April 2017.

9/10 “It’s great to have real life examples given to us. They show knowledge & experience.” Heather Robbins, Everybody Sport & Recreation, 21st April 2017.

10/10 “Jim and Andy were both brilliant and passionate about the course”. Kelly Cooke, Link 4 Life Middleton, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Brill!” Louise Humphreys, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Lots of relevant information”. Olivia Barton, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Two different tutors, both different in how they deliver. But kept the course fresh and was good to have different styles.” Eva Aldwin, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Brilliant Presentation!” Daniel Munson, Sibton Park, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Excellent and eye-opening – informative!”, Paul Parry, Sibton Park Surrey, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “Very informative course”. Sue Williams, Sibton Park, Surrey, 8th March 2017.

10/10 “The trainer gave great detail and depth. I especially enjoyed learning the real reason for stingy eyes!”. Andrew Williams, Holywell Leisure Centre, 21st November 2016.

10/10 “Jim was a really nice man who cared for us if we did not understand.” Tim Davies, Holywell Leisure Centre, 21st November 2016.

10/10 “Really good and clear, stopping to make sure we understand. I enjoyed learning about why the tests have to be done correctly.” Jonathan Williams, Holywell Leisure Centre, 21st November 2016.

10/10 “I especially enjoyed the explanations of the chemical interactions between bathers and the dosing chemicals used”. Andrea Harvey, Holywell Leisure Centre, 21st November 2016.

10/10 “Very good interaction between group and tutor. Very informative.” Terry Boardman, Holywell Lesiure Centre, 21st November 2016.

10/10 “Very clear, concise course Thank You. The course was taught in a very relaxed way which allowed for discussion to take place around specific queries/concerns”. Rob Harris, 18th October 2016.

10/10 “Well presented and very informative. All presented very well.” Barry Smith, 18th October 2016.

10/10 “very clear presentation thank you. Enjoyed the testing and colour changes”. Nicola Ryan, 18th October 2016.

9/10 “Really enjoyed the practical”. Kathrine Wilson, 18th October 2016.

10/10 “Really good – made things very clear. Practical was fun”. Alison Souch, 18th October 2016.

10/10 “Very interesting, engaging course. I enjoyed how interactive the course was – wasn’t just sitting and listening to a lecture”. Clare Simmons, Everybody, 14th October 2016.

10/10 “Very good session – an opportunity to review practices and cover any site specific issues”. Matthew Hatton, Everybody, 14th October 2016.

10/10 “Enjoyed the different tutors during the course, different teaching styles made it a different kind of learning experience”. Christine Hennessy, 14th October 2016.

10/10 “The whole course was fun and learned a lot”. Carl Cawood, Everybody, 14th October 2016.

9/10 “Excellent course, very well presented and informative”. Lynn Pennington-Ramsden, Halton  BC, 12th October 2016.

9/10 “Great course – gained valuable information”.  Stephen Lowe, Westmorland Cleaning Services, 12th October 2016.

10/10 “Excellent content and knowledge”. Rob Phythian, Wirral BC, 5th October 2016.

10/10 “Very clear and interesting”. Daniel Allen, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, 5th October 2016.

10/10 “Jim was great! Particularly enjoyed the water testing.” Frank Greaves, Link 4 Life, 5th October 2016.

10/10 “As always, well explained and interesting”. Alan Lowes, Wigan Council, 5th October 2016.

10/10 “Excellent course, nice pace, quality information, discussion and advice”. Simon Richards, Plas Madoc LC, 5th October 2016.

10/10 “Brilliant instruction and enjoyable”. Kelvin Sole, Blackburn, 9th September 2016.

10/10 “Very well lead. Very interesting.” Steven Hill, Horwich LC, 9th September 2016.

10/10 “Very well spoke, easy to understand. Explains through personal experience.” Luke Garvey, Fulwood Leisure Centre, 9th September 2016.

10/10 “Very good course. Learnt a lot and will have more knowledge in a plant room”. Isaac Archer, Fulwood Leisure Centre, 9th September 2016.

10/10 “Everything was explained well; [the trainer] didn’t put anyone under pressure; was presented well and in a good learning environment”. Joseph Hodgson, Correct Flow, 29th July 2016.

10/10 “Engaging, informative. Felt how Andy gave real life examples through his experiences gave weight to his delivery.” Adam Guy, Hyndburn Leisure Centre, 29th July 2016.

10/10 “I am certain I have said this before, but Mr Johnson is one of, if not the best presenter I have had. His knowledge is fantastic and his passion is a joy to be around.” Steve Mullins, Fylde Coast YMCA, 15th July 2016

10/10 “Very well delivered, lots of relevant information and questions answered.” Callum Haworth, Ribby Hall, 15th July 2016.

10/10 “Good use of PowerPoint, discussion and Examples.” Rachel Gibbons, Serco, 15th July 2016.

10/10 “Lots of helpful information”. John Russell, Serco, 15th July 2016.

9/10 “Excellent content and delivery. Everything clearly explained and questions answered fully. I particularly enjoyed the on-site visit to the plant room and transferring knowledge to practical situations”.  David Rigby, SERCO, 1st July 2016.

10/10 “Really helpful and interesting. Tutors catered for different learning styles! Thank you!” Megan Dearnaley, Burnley Leisure, 1st July 2016.

9/10 “Both presenters very knowledgeable and helpful in explanations.” Sarah Haggerty, SERCO, 1st July 2016

10/10 “Very good, well presented, informative and helpful.”Anne Mullins, YMCA, 1st July 2016.

10/10 “Course was very well presented and upbeat (Not boring!)”. Chris Buckley, 1st July 2016, Stonyhurst College.

10/10 “Andy was excellent, his teaching skills are amazing! I learnt a lot today”. Chloe Clarkson, Ribby Hall, 1st July 2016.

10/10 “Great presenter, very enthusiastic, relevant stories used. Good role model as well. Good site to  aspire to. Thank you”. Elliott Farrel, YMCA. 1st July 2016.

9/10 “Andy was fantastic. Some great tales to tell that inform importance and responsibility of Pool Water testing”. Paul McDowell, Stonyhurst College, 1st July 2016.

10/10 “Very interesting to learn different things. I enjoyed it all”. Andrew Roberts, Bootle Leisure Centre, 23rd May 2016.

10/10 “If I was unsure, the tutor would stop to help explain. The pool test was enjoyable because there was a practical side to see how it was done.” Jake Hogg, Dunes Southport, 23rd May 2016.

10/10 “I enjoyed the course and was interested in all aspects of the course”. Gary Redmond, Dunes Southport, 23rd May 2016

10/10 “Everything was clearly explained and easy to understand” Darren Kendell, Welburn Hall, 6th May 2016

10/10 “I thought the whole course was good. Great to keep everything fresh.” Gareth West, Blackburn with Darwen Council, 28th April 2016.

10/10 “Excellent as always!”. Simone Fenton-Jarvis, Nether Edge Management Company, 28th April 2016.

10/10 “Well presented, clear explanations, relevant real life ‘stories’ to back up course work”. Gaynor Roe, Hydro@The Barn, 28th April 2016.

10/10 “Jim was brilliant! I particularly liked the mechanical side of the course”.  Alex Crombleholme, 28th April 2016.

10/10 “The tutors were eloquent and amusing, clearly passionate about the subject matter, a genuine pleasure!”. Alex Kearns, 8th April 2016.

10/10 “Very well delivered and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the discussions because everyone had a good input to the course”. Lee Poole, 8th April 2016.

10/10 “The tutors kept us entertained and energised – didn’t bore. The true stories made it easy to understand” Alexander Salmon, 8th April 2016.

10/10 “Very well facilitated and explained with good examples and scenarios. I particularly enjoyed having a better appreciate of pool water treatment and legal duties”. Mark Abernethy, 8th April 2016.

9/10 “Both tutors were excellent. Andy had a good balance of humour and teaching. I really enjoyed the tour of the plant room and benefitted from visual learning”. Natalie Grundy, 8th April 2016.

10/10 “What a great course! I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable on Pool Operation. I loved it from beginning to the end. All aspects of the course were great and well explained, from Operations to testing pH, Filtration and contamination.” Garry Nolan, 22nd March 2016.

10/10 “Really informative and gave plenty of examples. I especially likes the section of maintaining pool water quality and test results.” Holly Robinson, Westview Leisure Centre, 24th March 2016

9/10 “I particularly liked the part of the course that taught us about Cyptosporidium”. Nigel Walker, Kings School Chester, 24th March 2016

10/10 “Very good course. I will recommend this course to anyone who is working in a pool related environment.” Adrian Nieroda, Ribby Hall Village, 24th March 2016.

10/10 “I loved the pool testing – very interesting”. Jennifer Cross, 24th March 2016

10/10 “Very understandable and at a good pace. The tutors were able to answer additional questions relevant to my own pool. Very helpful.”Matthew Pickering, 24th March 2016

10/10 “The tutors made everything easy to understand. They were really friendly and helpful.” David Foolkes, 24th March 2016

10/10 “The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable.” Jordan Rissley, Preston Council, 24th March 2016

10/10 “I did enjoy all aspects of the course, especially the water testing; I always like practical”. Karl Cockram 29th Feb 2016

10/10 “The course was clearly presented and well paced. The hands-on testing was good for remembering the theory”. James Fellows 29th Feb 2016

9/10 “It was good to understand the actual reasons for doing the pool test and what the guidelines are”. Martha Almond 29th Feb 2016

10/10 “I found the whole course really informative and have enjoyed all 3 days.” Leoni Williams 19th Feb 2016

10/10 “I particularly enjoyed testing.seeing the processes in place, looking at the plant room, and the examples of tests to aid understanding”. Amy Lupton 19th Feb 2016

10/10 “Really informative. Enjoyed it all, especially the Hot Tub element.” Louise Blades, 3rd Feb 2016

10/10 “Really enjoyable and easy to follow.” Darren Pointon, 3rd Feb 2016

10/10 “Very well done. I learnt how to do things the right way.” Tim Fowler, 27th Jan 2016

10/10 “Well informed and felt very comfortable. I enjoyed all of it.” Jackie Wharton, 27th Jan 2016

10/10 “Great guys – know their stuff and make it easy to understand as possible.” Gregg Beck, 27th Jan 2016

10/10 “Great knowledge of subject matter.” Mike Henderson, 27th Jan 2016

10/10 “Excellent delivery throughout – enjoyed all aspects!” Martin Simmons, 27th Jan 2016

10/10  “Though I maintain a pool on a daily basis, I learnt a lot in this one day course.” Ron Perry, 14th October 2015

10/10   “I found Andy useful as he is currently running a sports centre and has a lot of hands-on experience” Anthony Worthington, 16th October 2015

10/10  “I enjoyed all the course as prior to the course I had no previous pool experience” Dave Gee, 16th October 2015

9/10  “Practical parts of the course as always fun and looking at the Plant Room was interesting” Katie Sharples, 16th October 2015

10/10 “I particularly enjoyed learning about the chemicals” Matthew Davies, 16th October 2015

10/10  “Good course – really enjoyed the 3 days and both tutors were very good” Claire Munden, 14th October 2015

10/10  “I particularly enjoyed the practical side of the course” Ben Albison, 16th October 2015

10/10  “Very well presented throughout and very interesting – learned a lot!” Sue Halpin-Ashley, 16th October 2015

9/10 “I particularly enjoyed looking round the plant room and the practical parts of the course” Jennifer Mutch, 16th October 2015

9/9  “Well presented with clear instructions. I particularly enjoyed see how a plant room works” Stewart Watson, 2nd October 2015

10/10  “Very informative and very well delivered. I enjoyed the whole experience” Adam Buxton, 2nd October 2015

10/10  “Very well presented Excellent knowledge” Jonathan Riley 25th September 2015

10/10  “Enjoyed the course and learnt a lot regrading the plant room” Stuart Buckton, 25th September 2015

10/10 “Very good learning speed” Micheal Readman, 25th September 2015

10/10 “I found the whole course informative and enjoyable” Steven Jones, 11th September 2015

10/10 “Really enjoyed the 3 days” Laura Ivinson, 11th September 2015

10/10 “Excellent delivery of the course. I particularly enjoyed hearing about pool problems and case studies – real life insight to what other areas have to deal with”. Jay Jones, Knowsley Council, 9th September 2015

10/10 “I found the course very informative and beneficial. Jim’s an excellent facilitator. I particularly enjoyed the maths around the volume, flow rates and chemical dosing” Eddie Eccleston, Knowsley Council, 9th September 2015

10/10 ” I enjoyed every part of the course, it gave me a lot of understanding about this profession and gave me a few ideas that I’m going to use” Maciej Jarno, Ribby hall, 9th September 2015

9/10 “Good delivery by 2 very enthusiastic trainers – well presented and good industry example to support training info” Martin Hall, Edge Hill College, 28th August 2015

10/10 “Both were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Also excellent at making the course site-specific” Gareth Lougher, Edge Hill, 28th August 2015

10/10 “Both presenters were equally excellent, practical and hands-on experience and knowledge” D.Gilbody, Edge Hill, 28th August 2015

10/10 “Good knowledge and experience from the 2 people presenting the course” M. Nuttall, Edge Hill, 28th August 2015

10/10 “The course was very comprehensive with lots of practical activities and periods to reflect on the learning”    Robert Thomas, Stanley Special School. 14th August 2015

10/10 “I found the whole course very interesting” Lucy Jones, Liverpool University. 14th August 2015

10/10 “The tutors were friendly and helpful and very knowledgeable” Rozz Boshell, Everybody Academy. 14th August 2015

10/10 “All very informative. I got a lot out of the water testing and now understand why we test for balanced water, having not really understood that before.”  Kevin Seddon, Liverpool University. 14th August 2015

10/10 “Excellent course – very informative” Janette McGovern, Knowsley Council.  14th August 2015

10/10 “Enjoyed knowing where everything is and what everything is in the plant room” Tomos Evans, Denbigh Leisure Centre 14th August 2015

9/10 “Excellent knowledge and diverse delivery of methods to the class. I particularly enjoyed the tutor’s enthusiasm for the subject.” Joanne Charnock, Lavender Hotels. 14th August 2015

Pool Water Testing Course, Knowsley June 2015

10/10   “Very informative and well executed”. Zena Yates, KMBC Leisure and Culture

10/10   “Practices well explained with good demonstrations”. Emma Hornby, Bluebell Park School.

10/10    “Everything was explained in a way that everyone could understand. The tutor made it specific to to the pools which we all used”. Gayle Gainford, Bluebell Park School.

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