Hot Tub Training Course

Hot Tub Training Course

The Hot Tub Training  course may be delivered as an in-house training course, subject to numbers, or as part of the Active IQ Level 2 Award in Pool Plant Operations.

The learner will be taught the following points during the Hot Tub Training Course Unit:

  • The legal responsibilities of hot tub operators
  • Introduction to spa pools/hot tubs
  • Pollution of hot tub water
  • Hot tub hygiene and cleaning
  • Hot tub circulation system
  • Chemical treatment of hot tubs
  • Hot Tub testing and interpretation of results
  • Use of and cleaning of cartridge filters
  • Health issues and chemical safety related to spa pools
  • Bacteriological testing of hot tubs.

This unit is assessed by a short work based assignment.

Please note that this course covers the generic underpinning knowledge required by hot tub operators to enable safe and efficient operation and is not intended to be product specific to either to the hot tub, filter or chemical dosing system.

If it is an in-house Hot Tub Course, on successful completion of the programme learners will receive two certificates:

Active IQ Level 2 Award in Principles and Practices of Pool Water Testing.


Principles and Practice of Hot Tub Operations Certificate: (Johnson Training)

If one of our external Hot Tub courses is attended, the trainer will then go on to teach the Level 2 Pool Plant Operations Certificate work which covers the following points:

  • Test the pool water
  • Understand the factors that contribute to pool water quality
  • Explain to bathers what can affect pool water quality
  • Understand the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness in and around the swimming pool

On completion of this qualification the learner should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • The importance of maintaining the quality of pool water and the possible consequences of not doing so
  • The principles involved in maintaining the quality of pool water
  • How to carry out the essential pool water tests
  • How to identify problems with pool water

This qualification provides progression on to Level 2 NVQ in Operational Services

On successful completion, the learner will receive 2 certificates.

Active IQ Level 2 Award in Pool Plant Operations


Principles and Practice of Hot Tub Operations Certificate: (Johnson Training)

Target learners

All staff who have an operational, supervisory or managerial responsibility for hot tubs within their complex or sport and leisure facilities.


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