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JTL ONLINE Training Programmes:  READY NOW

We are delighted to confirm that we are able to offer the following JTL training programmes ONLINE, so, even if you are forced to work from home, you can work through the materials at your own pace and submit the work for assessment online at no health risk to you! 

  • JTL Hot Tub Operator Training Programme
  • JTL School Pool and Hydrotherapy Operator Training Programme
  • JTL Principles and Practice of Pool Water Testing Training Programme
  • JTL Level 2 Foundation Pool Plant Operator Certificate
  • JTL Level 3 Pool Plant Operator Certificate

The above can be booked immediately on

If you have any questions about our online courses, you can find the answers on our FAQ page.

Johnson Training Ltd is a specialist training company delivering Pool Plant Operator Courses and other technical and management training courses.

We have developed a complete range of training programmes and courses to suit your pool plant training needs
We offer externally regulated qualifications, endorsed training programmes also develop bespoke training courses to meet your specific site-specific training needs
All of our training courses and programmes are delivered by a specialist in pool plant operations
All Trainers are either a Member or Fellow of the Alliance of Professional Leisure Trainers (APLT)
Trainers have their own range of pool testing equipment
Tutor-led demonstrations to show best practice in pool water testing
 The face to face courses Include a visit to a pool plant room with detailed explanations and discussions of all the major features
 There are opportunities to answer technical questions
 There are also opportunities to discuss problems with your own pool


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We have a large selection of face-to-face training courses and also offer online training programmes. 

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Technical and management training courses


Johnson Training Online Courses

Johnson Training Ltd have been delivering Pool Plant Training for the last 30 years and we are passionate about delivering high-quality, interesting and engaging training to those working in the Leisure Industry.

We recognise that it’s not always easy to take time out to travel to a course, so we have developed a range of online courses that you can buy from the comfort of your own home or office, and work through in your own time to suit you.

Whilst there won’t be the same dynamic and interaction as a classroom-based training session, the quality and content of the training remain the same. Jim Johnson, the founder of the company, delivers all the training, so you will receive his knowledge and wisdom on the subject throughout the courses.

Johnson Training Ltd is a specialist training company delivering Pool Plant Operator Courses and other technical and management training courses.

External verification outcome 27 08 2019: what the awarding organisation said!

The centre is fully compliant, with a low risk rating. The centre have strong, robust policies and procedures to manage AIQ qualifications. These are being followed and understood by staff and their learners. The centre have an excellent tracking document which is up to date and followed during each course. The centre also have suitable invigilation procedures in place and these are followed correctly. An external moderation sample was completed on unit 4 of the Q3PPO course. Each exam was marked correctly and the correct percentages uploaded onto Quartz. All learners are registered correctly and have been claimed in a timely manner.

The centre have demonstrated sound assessment practices, within the portfolios I sampled during the visit. I agreed with all assessment decisions that were made. The centre have ensured their learners have completed their portfolios to a high standard. Assessment records are completed and signed once they have been assessed by the assessor.

Areas of considerable strength/good practice

The centre have experienced staff who have a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the pool plant environment. This was evident within the portfolio sampling. The centre conduct AIQ exams, ensuring the security of these exams are adhered to.

The centre is fully compliant and achieved a low risk rating.  An outstanding visit!


The QAA would like to thank the Training Provider for the warm welcome received and the excellent organisation observed.

Throughout the delivery of the course, the excellent knowledge and experience of tutor shone through. Theory was enhanced by the use of many and varied examples from the pool environments. Learners rated their ability to apply learning as outstanding. They spoke very highly of the tutor – all rating him as outstanding. The course manual contains useful and relevant theory and serves as a reference tool post-course. Health and safety was referred to regularly. The class size was small and the tutor had a very good rapport with all learners.

CIMSPA Quality Assurance Associate, CIMSPA