Level 3 Pool Plant Refresher Courses

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JTL Pool Plant Update/Refresher – Maintaining Currency

It is essential that all those involved in pool plant operations undergo training which is suitable, sufficient and current i.ethey need to keep their knowledge up to date, and need to  be aware of the current issues within the industry and changes in legislation.

This PPO Update/Refresher – Maintaining Currencyprogramme is aimed at operators who want to update their existing pool plant operator qualification, irrespective of who accredited it in the first place, and will provide them with a valuable CPD opportunity which will demonstrate to the authorities that update training has been provided.

The course content reflects the essential knowledge that any pool plant operator needs in order to meet both the legal requirements whilst reflecting industry best practice.


To provide an opportunity for learners to keep their knowledge up to date, and to be aware of the current issues within the industry and changes in legislation. This programme provides a valuable CPD opportunity which will evidence to demonstrate to the authorities that update training has been provided which is suitable, sufficient and current.


In order to qualify for the programme, learners need to provide evidence that they have a current level 3 pool plant operator certificate, or, if recently expired, the date when the course was completed.


Learners will participate in taught sessions, engage in question and answer sessions, complete exercises, problem solving, case studies etc  and will be expected to take part in a plenary session at the end of the day.

Additionally, the learner will need to complete an ‘issues’ document which addresses issues which have been discussed during the day and which needs to be discussed with the management team back at the learners’ pool.

Guided learning hours: The guided learning hours for this programme are: hours.

Course content:

  • The learning aim of refreshing, revision, updating and consolidation of previous learning
  • Revision quiz
  • Summary of major changes which have occurred over the last three years since the learner completed their qualification
  • Issues which the learners wish to be included in the programme

Learning outcomes:

Lecture and interactive presentations to enable the learner to:

  1. Be aware of the major changes which have occurred since completing their last course
  2. Have the opportunity to refresh, revise and update previous learning
  3. Understand the importance of providing a safe and effective pool water disinfection system
  4. Understand how the differing properties of the incoming mains water supply affects the treatment of pool water
  5. Understand the factors which influence optimumpool water quality
  6. Know the legislation, guidance documents and codes of practice which affect pool operations
  7. Understand how to recognise and implement emergency procedures
  8. Understand the different types of systems used in the disinfection of pool water
  9. Know the different types of infections associated with poor pool water quality and poor hygiene
  10. Understand the importance of encouraging the efficient use of energy


This programme is externallyendorsed by Active IQ, the leading awarding organisationin the active leisure sector, and  also by CIMSPA, the Chartered Institute for the leisure industry.