Level 4 Technical Management Courses

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Course description

This three day programme stands alone as a unique and valuable CPD opportunity both for facility managers and also for those who are aspiring/progressing towards management positions.
The course content is based around the PWTAG Swimming Pool Water Treatment and Quality Standards for Pools and Spas publication, The Management of Health & Safety in Swimming Pools
(HSE) HSG 179 publications, and the PWTAG Code of Practice and technical updates issued by PWTAG, consequently the content of this course is being constantly updated.

This qualification will help swimming pool managers, those with the responsibility for the operation of a swimming pool, and duty officers to manage more effectively the conditions that determine swimming pool water quality, engineering and technical services and oversee the work of outside engineering firms operating on service contracts.

This qualification also aims to enable the candidate to develop a deeper understanding of issues addressed in other pool plant operator courses by moving the focus from operator level to management level, and by exploring and understanding the influences and processes involved in running swimming pools safely and efficiently.

Course Aims

The unit aims to enable the learner to:
• develop the knowledge and understanding gained on previous pool plant operator courses.
• develop the skill of solving typical pool water related problems
• understand the principles and implications of good pool design and pool hydraulics
• develop a deeper understanding of pool water filtration.
• develop a greater understanding of the pool water disinfection processes and systems
• appreciate the importance of managing hygiene in pools,
• recognise the need for microbiological testing and the significance of the results in interpreting the actions required including necessary closure.
• understand the importance of planned regular maintenance of pools, pumps, boilers and environmental control systems.
• appreciate the importance of managing chemical safety within the facility
• have an awareness of need for efficient energy use relating to swimming pools.

These broad aims are expressed in seven distinct learning outcomes:


On successful completion of the qualification, the learner will be able to:
1. recognise the importance and implications of good pool design particularly in respect of hydraulics and circulation and its effect on water quality and be able to carry out the necessary calculations in relation to a number of issues.
2. demonstrate an increased awareness and understanding of pool water filtration in terms of the principles of filtration, filter design and characteristics, filtering cycles, backwashing, regular maintenance, coagulation and flocculation.
3. demonstrate a greater understanding of the pool water disinfection processes and systems and chemistry
4. understand the importance of planned regular maintenance of pools
5. critically assess the effectiveness of the management of chemical safety and pool plant emergencies within their own facility
6. understand the importance of using energy efficiently in a swimming pool water context
7. Solve typical pool related problems


This unit will be assessed by a 2000/2500 word informal report, in which the candidate is to write a critical review of the current practices adopted within the centre in which they work which ensures that safe swimming pool water and optimum water quality are achieved, and that the technical management process of the centre supports these objectives.


This qualification is delivered at a notional NQF Level 4, and provides additional CPD opportunity for learners and also provides progression pathway from previous pool plant operator training.


Learners who complete the programme will be issued with the Active IQ Level 3 Pool Plant Update/Refresher Certificate and also the JTL Pool Technical Management Diploma (Level 4)

Accreditation of prior learning

If you have completed the Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Swimming Pool Operations or the Active IQ Pool Plant Operator Update/Refresher course within the last six months, credit will given for this and you will only need to attend for the last two days of the course, and there would therefore be a reduction in the course fees to reflect this. In this case the Active IQ certificate is not issued due to the currency of the qualification.

Recognition and Endorsement

This training programme, developed by Johnson Training Ltd, is Professionally Recognised by Active IQ (the preferred  awarding organisation for the leisure industry) and is is also endorsed by the Chartered Institute for the leisure industry, CIMSPA

The course can be delivered on site providing that the host centre has a suitably sized, comfortable training room.

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