Online Active IQ Level 3 Award in Managing Pool Operations (RQF)

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The Online Active IQ Level 3 Award in Managing Pool Operations Course is an online training course designed for those who are working with pools day in day out, or who are responsible for those who are, but are unable to commit to a 3 day course delivered off-site.

This course offers the flexibility to complete the Level 3 qualification in your own time, with regular MS Teams video calls to support the online content, to consolidate learning, and also to offer assistance in the completion of the required coursework and assessment process.

The Active IQ Level 3 Award in Managing Pool Operations course is accredited at level 3 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

Qualification Outline

Target Learners:

  • Active leisure organisations with a need to train their staff to an agreed nationally recognised standard as Pool Plant Operators.
  • Those involved in looking after the pool plant room day-to- day, or responsible for the management of complex pool water treatment plant.
  • Those who wish to have their experience and knowledge in the Leisure industry recognised by a formal qualification.
  • Students who want to go into sport and recreation as a career and who wish to undertake the most industry-relevant qualification in preparation.

Course Aims: 

This qualification provides the necessary underpinning knowledge to understand the requirements for efficient and safe pool plant operation in today's high tech swimming pool industry and the technical requirements for ensuring the safe and effective operation of the pool plant.


On completion of the programme, the learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • The responsibilities of pool operators to provide a safe pool environment.
  • The causes of swimming pool water contamination.
  • The importance of good pre-swim hygiene
  • The importance of good cleanliness in the swimming pool environment
  • The principles of a simple swimming pool water circulation system
  • The recommended temperatures for pool water
  • The principles of pool water chemical dosing
  • The essential tests to ensure swimming pool water quality
  • The importance of maintaining swimming pool water quality
  • The importance of good record keeping
  • Correct pool water testing techniques
  • The importance of safe and effective swimming pool management
  • The legislation which affect swimming pool operations
  • The different types of infections associated with poor pool water quality and hygiene
  • The implications of the mains water supply in the treatment of swimming pool water
  • Testing of the mains water supply
  • The circulation systems of swimming pools
  • The operation of spa Pools and hot tubs
  • How to control the disinfection of pool water
  • The principals involved in chlorinating swimming pool water
  • How to maintain balanced pool water
  • Water testing for swimming pool water
  • The principles of heating and ventilating the swimming pool environment
  • The staged processes of pool water treatment
  • The different approaches to swimming pool filtration systems
  • The process of backwashing a filtration system
  • The different types of valves commonly used in swimming pool plant
  • Backwashing of the filtration system
  • The risks involved in the storage and use of chemicals for the treatment of swimming pool water
  • The hydraulic flow of swimming pool water
  • Understanding the risks and hazards associated with operating pressurised mechanical systems
  • Understand the processes involved in the operation and treatment ofinteractive water features
  • Know the different types of infections associated with poor pool water quality and poor hygiene
  • Understand the principles of heating and ventilating the pool environment
  • Understand the importance of encouraging the efficient use of energy

Completion time: You can watch the course at your pace and complete the Learner Acheivement Portfolio whilst viewing the content.  You can expect to spend about 21 hours to complete the programme.


The course is assessed by the completion of a workbook (Learner Achievement Portfolio) and by completing an online e-assessment for Unit 3.

This course is delivered fully online with regular one-on-one video call updates via MS Teams to offer suport in completing your Learner acheivement portfolio, and the opportunity to ask any questions that have arisen during the tutorials.

For a full course schedule breakdown, please contact Matthew on the email or telephone number below.

Johnson Training Ltd               Tel: 07305244795

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