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Pool Plant Update/Refresher (to re-validate your Level 3 certificate)



It is important that plant operators, duty officers, lifeguards, school caretakers,  physiotherapists, teachers, and all those who are involved with the operation of pools, have a good level of understanding of how the pool water is treated, appropriate to their level of responsibility, and know when the pool is safe to use.

Overview: Currency of qualification

It is important that all training is suitable, sufficient and current. The credentials of the trainer is also important. The HSE and other authorities do not specify which qualification should be undertaken, and there is no requirement for operators names to be included on a register. There is, however, a need for the organisation to prove that the training has been suitable, sufficient and current.

Pool plant qualifications do not expire as such, but they do need to be kept up to date, i.e. current.

Some of the accreditation bodies insist that in order to keep the qualification current, the operator needs to revalidate the certificate within three years or five years with them, and if this date is exceeded then the qualification is invalidated, essentially meaning that the operator has to repeat the whole course, satisfying once again the ever changing assessment processes involved.

Many experienced, qualified plant operators find themselves in the position where their qualification has ‘expired’ and are unable to find the time to attend another three day course, but would fall foul of the law in the event of an incident.

Our PPO Update – Maintaining Currency programme meets this need. It is aimed at operators who want to update their qualification, irrespective of who accredited it in the first place, and providing that they are still working with pool plant, or managing pools, they can attend the course and will be issued with a certificate confirming that the update training has taken place, and this would demonstrate to the authorities that update training has been provided.

The course is accredited by Active IQ

The course content reflects the essential knowledge that any pool plant operator needs in order to meet both the legal requirements whilst reflecting industry best practice.

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