Online JTL Level 3 Pool Plant Operator Certificate

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On completion of the course, you will receive a JTL Level 3 Pool Plant Operators Certificate

The JTL Level 3 Pool Plant Operator Certificate provides the necessary knowledge and understanding required by pool plant operators in order for them to understand the requirements for the efficient and safe operation of all types of swimming pools to the standards expected in the active leisure industry of today, and is appropriate for:

  • All those involved in the day-to-day operation of pools.
  • Those who are responsible for the management of pools.
  • Individuals in the industry who wish to have their experience and knowledge recognised
  • Physiotherapists
  • School caretakers
  • Holiday park operatives

This programme has been developed to allow a training opportunity for learners who are unable to attend a face to face delivered course and who do not need a regulated qualification as such, but still require evidence of relevant industry based training which is suitable, sufficient  and current.

Dependent on the type of pool you work in, it may be more appropriate to undertake the JTL School Pool and Hydrotherapy Pool Operator Training Programme* which is focussed on smaller pools.

Learners who require a regulated qualification, will need to attend a face to face delivered programme at one of our training venues: i.e. Active IQ Level 3 Award in Managing Pool Plant Operations (RQF). We also do offer an online upgrade to Active IQ Level 3 for a cost of £100 + VAT.

 Aims and learning outcomes:

 Aims: The aim of this programme is to provide the learner with:

  • knowledge of both the theory and practice of pool water treatment
  • an understanding of the design and operation of their own pool plant including: the circulation, filtration, disinfection, pH correction and heating of pool water.
  • an understanding of the principles of testing pool water and the ability to interpret water testing results and the actions required to restore ideal conditions
  • an understanding of how to maintain water that is safe and pleasant to swim in.
  • an appreciation of the technical requirements for ensuring safe and efficient operation of pool plant

Learning outcomes: Online PowerPoint presentations with pdf manual to enable the learner to:

  • Understand how pool operators provide a safe pool environment through careful control of pool chemical  levels
  • Know the essential tests to ensure good pool water quality
  • Understand the different types of pool water testing equipment needed to ensure good quality pool water
  • Carry out all the essential pool water tests to include free chlorine (or bromine), combined chlorine (and how it is derived from the total chlorine) and pH
  • Understand the implications of the pool water readings
  • Recognise when pool water readings fall outside the recommended range
  • Understand the importance of good record keeping
  • Understand the design concepts of the types of pools
  • Understanding of the design and operation of the type of pool plant (including filtration systems, automatic dosing systems, pH correction and heating of pool water.
  • Understand the principles of operation of medium rate and high rate filters
  • Understand how to backwash medium and high rate filters
  • Understand how to maintain water that is in ‘balance’ and which is safe and pleasant to swim in.

Course structure:

The programme consists of 4 units, which are individually assessed:

Unit 1: JTL Introduction to pool plant operations

Unit 2: JTL Principles and Practice of Pool Water Testing Training Programme*

Unit 3: JTL School Pool and Hydrotherapy Pool Training Programme*

Unit 4: JTL Management of Pool Water Quality

Units 2 and 3 of this programme are externally endorsed by Active IQ, the leading awarding organisation in the active leisure sector and also by CIMSPA, the Chartered Institute for the leisure industry.  Units 1 and 4 are certificated by Johnson Training Ltd.

 Assessment:The course is assessed by the completion of multiple-choice quizzes for each of the four units.

Completion time: You can complete the course at your pace and submit each unit assessment as you complete them.  You can expect to spend about 15 hours to complete the programme.


Please note that in order to maintain the integrity of the qualification and to safeguard against fraud, only the name of the person registered to undertake the training will be named on the certificate.

If you are registering the course on behalf of a colleague, we must have their full name and email address so that the registration process can be completed properly.
Certificates will  not be issued to company names.
Certificates cannot be claimed for any other person who is not the registered learner.

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